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at this is basically something that you can ride along and freeload and let america and canada and japan handled? >> steve, your question -- >> i'm and freeload, by the way. >> that by the way is how the chinese would describe any relationship between japan and america. the interesting aspect of all these conflicts is that as india and china and india and china have a proximate geographically, but we've never been neighbors. >> right. >> in order to be neighbors you either have to love each other or hate each other. we have done neither. in fact, in 1962 during the first strategic conflict, between these two, you have to understand, it's hard to understand why we are not neighbors. [inaudible] in terms of inaccessible. but the positions, the lines, the strategies, the lines, what would they resonate to? the positions that are taken by postcolonial nations is that we will not be bound by decisions made by colonial powers. one, or in china's case, that we had to abandon our national positions. and now that we are strong, we need to resurrect them. right or wrong is not, that is very little to do w
of japan, korea, vietnam, thailand, singapore, indonesia, burma; all of which represent the future of the united states in terms of trade, security and cultural growth in the coming decades. with respect to burma, there was a great moment for me to be able to sit down and see aung san suu kyi recognized by the congress a month or so ago, coming to this country as a member, an elected member of their parliament. we began the change in that relationship from our office, directly from our office based on work that i had begun and become interested in over a period of six years before i was elected to the senate. we, i'm very proud to say, laid the groundwork for the historic visit in 2009 from inside our office. often i would say against the will and against the advice of our own state department. we used validators. we talked to people we knew in the region. i became the only american leader ever to meet with general shui, leader of the military junta, to express my belief that we could work forward to have a different relationship. i met with aung san suu kyi, and i hope that those
of consultation in the international regulators, canada, australia, japan, europe etc. and we continue to work the issue. i would say with banks registering the largest banks registered in the term, we are going to have more issues to sort through and we are committed to soaring through -- >> you are not talking of those that registered when you are making that statement. just the firms that register. >> but i have some expressions from some of the foreign regulators that they feel like some of the guidance may be in conflict with their loan regulator, their own that regulation and i guess that is what i am saying. if they are in conflict how are you dealing with those conflicts? >> the one example was in japan they have a clearing requirement. they actually put in place november 1st and we now have a requirement that we finished in november. there is a conflict because we both say they have to be cleared and registered clearinghouses. yet they have yet to register the london clearing house and we have yet to register the japanese clearing house. we are relieved they can use the japanese clear
was the third state. off i wants to japan to recruit nissan. we had virtually no rot owe jobs in tennessee at the time. they took a look at the united states and a map of the united states at night shows that most of the people live in the east, a map with the lights on. most of the people live in the east and the center of the markets where you're going to be if you're making big, heavy thifntle the center oheavething. they looked aggressively at tennessee, kentucky, georgia. then they looked at something else. every state north of us did not have a right-to-work law. so niece saso nissan came to te. the united auto workers came to tennessee. they a different labor environment there. the workers at the saturn plan are members of the united autoworkers. but it is a right-to-work statement and over the last 30 years there are probably a dozen large assembly plants in the southeastern part of the united states sms there are about 1,000 suppliers in our state. what has been the effect of the arrival of the art owe industry in tennessee? it attracted, aamong other things, by our right-to-work
with japan to realize our forces and jointly develop guam as a strategic hub. we afford to strengthen cooperation for the republic of korea, in space, in cyberspace, and intelligence. we begin a new marine rotational deployment to australia as well as increased air force cooperation. likewise, we are deepening our engagement and developing rotational deployment with allies and partners such as singapore and the philippines, and expanding our mil-to-mil dialogue and exchanges with china. we are also enhancing our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes reality the naval fleet -- reallocating the naval fleet to achieve a 60-40 split between the pacific and atlantic oceans. hopefully will do that by 2020. increasing army and marine presence in the region, after iraq and afghanistan. locating our most advanced aircraft in the pacific, including the deployment of f-22's and the in the 22 ospreys in japan. and laying the groundwork for the first overseas deployment of the f-35 joint strike fighter in 2017. the third element of our strategy is that as we do force projection in
as well. over the past year, we have reached major agreements with japan to realign our forces and jointly develop a strategic hub and we have worked to strengthen cooperation with the republic of korea in space and cyberspace and intelligence. we began the new marine rotational deployment telstra leah as well as increased air force cooperation. likewise we are deepening our engagement and developing rotational deployment with allies and partners such as singapore and the philippines and expanding our milton a dialogue and exchanges with china. we are also enhancing our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes reallocating the naval fleet to achieve in the next few years a 63 coo 40 split between the pacific and the land goshen's. hopefully we will do that by 2020. the increasing army and marine presence in the region after iraq and afghanistan locating our most advanced aircraft in the pacific including the new plans as f-22 is and the envy 22 to japan. laying the groundwork for the first overseas deployment of the f35 joint strike fighter in 27 tiberi. the strategy is that
magistrate judge in maryland for 15 years. judge grimm was born in japan and received his undergraduate degree from the university of california in 1973 and graduated from the university of new mexico school of law in 1976. judge grimm was admitted to the maryland bar in 1977. he has strong roots, legal experience and community involvement in the state of maryland. judge grimm lives with his family in towson, maryland. judge grimm began his legal career after graduating law school back in maryland as a captain of the united states army judge advocate corps at aberdeen proving grounds in maryland. he worked at the pentagon before heading back to the baltimore region alternating working in private practice and working in the state's attorney general's office, while continuing to serve as an active duty u.s. army j.a.g. corps officer with occasional stints in the pentagon. in 1997, judge grimm was elected a magistrate judge by the judges of the u.s. district court for the district of maryland and in 2006 became the chief u.s. magistrate judge in baltimore. in 2009, chief justice john rober
is struggling, at the time when japan is struggling and slowing down, when china growth is slowing, the world is looking to the united states to take the lead. as it has so many times in so many crises before. yet all they see is the stand-off and the inability to do what i think we all need to do. now, the choice is very clear. we have come to the point where i think most people looking at this understand that if we don't act now, the so-called kicking the can down the road no longer is a viable opportunity. no longer is something that we can afford to do. there's a group called kick it back, and i can see why the american people are frustrated over our inability to come to some agreement on this. and so obviously we hope that the president and speaker boehner will bring us that grand bargain by which we can evaluate and address before the end of the year. now, i have frequently said from this podium and back to the people that i represent in indiana that if we don't start with addressing the spending problem, it doesn't matter how much we raise in taxes or revenue, it doesn't matter how muc
they will not it you can only find herkimer today's special boutique. in japan they love her car. -- herkimer, nobody sells it for less than $50.this is a special one day only offer. read the in pennsylvania who is shopping today. -- ritahere that you had ordered for pairs >>caller: one pair for me and three pairs as christmas gifts. it will be hard to decide who to give them to because i have eight granddaughters and france >>host: good luck with that >>caller: yes i saw them and they look so beautiful i am sure that they will enjoy them >>host: they will love them and you can share the story >>caller: yes i will tell them that i saw how ited >>host: they are a natural treasure. most jewelry is made in other parts of the world.we can support an american in mind an american company these are mined in new york and then the jewelry is made in i can only talk about that with turquoise that is made by native american indians. that is the only comparable jewelry i can think of to share >>caller: i am right near new york i am not far from where they have been mined >>host: yes it is up in yo
, japan, malaysia, europe. there are people providing inputs to defense projects, commercially coming from all around the globe. >> guest: major military programs, the anti warfare program, the casey 46 tanker are actually commercial derivatives. they're built on the same line. a ticket out of the line only when you need to put in specialized equipment, and by that process using the commercial process to reduce the cost. >> there is the future. >> host: illinois, republican, >> caller: man. >> host: your on. >> guest: there is an old saying. we will talk on the war is over. we have been a war for 209 years how would you possibly think of cutting defense when in my humble opinion i think we could use fewer, less fat people and take care of entitlements. thank you. >> host: debra in ohio. democratic column. go ahead. >> caller: i was thinking, on this year fiscal cliff, to save money, why can't they put a tab on what these greedy hospitals, doctors, ambulance, lifelike, prescriptions, why can't they put a cap on what they are allowed to charge instead of the agreed bills that they are chargi
and everyone who wants to breathe clean air. other countries, china, india, japan and germany, they see these benefits, too. they also want the job growth. they also want the energy security, and they are acting aggressively to take leadership of the clean energy economy. our workers and entrepreneurs can compete with anyone on a level playing field, but congress is tying one hand behind their back by leaving important incentives like this in jeopardy. let's continue the bipartisan support for the wind tax credit. let's work together and get the job done for our economy, for our energy independence. let's continue to invest in clean energy. and with that, i would note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from wisconsin. the senator from wisconsin is reminded that the senate is in a quorum call. mr. kohl: i request the quorum call be rescinded. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. kohl: thank you, mr. president. i rise today for one final time to address the senate.
ashore from the tragic tsunami in japan nearly two years ago. that's why this legislation asks noaa to take a closer look at the tsunami debris and make sure we are putting an accurate assessment and risk in place to protect the west coast. if they decide that it is a severe marine debris event, then they will need to present a specific coordination plan developed to meet that threat and work with local governments, counties and tribes and to make sure that there is a coordinated effort to protect our economy and environment from tsunami debris. we know in the northwest because we have already seen ships, we have seen bridges, we have seen various parts float ashore, oftentimes local communities having to share the burden and expense of cleaning up the tsunami debris. with over 165,000 jobs and nearly $11 billion in our coastal economy from fishing to tourism to various activities, we want to make sure that tsunami debris does not hurt our coastal economies. all you need to do is ask the mayor of long beach who said -- quote -- "an uncoordinated and unmanaged response to debris eve
, is doing important work with the u.s.-japan council. i look forward to working closely with her in that important role. when a significant figure in alaska passes, we often say that a big tree has fallen. in the islands, daniel inouye was the biggest of the big trees. there is no way to minimize the loss that the people of hawaii are feeling. you can see it in the face of governor amber come by yesterday. he could barely control his tears as he conducted a lengthy news conference following senator inouye's passing. we saw our friend and colleague, senator akaka, as he delivered very sad remarks as well. in hawaii, as in alaska, these are personal -- these things are personal. losing a longtime senator feels like losing a member of your own family. well, mr. president, the senate ohana is less today because senator inouye is no longer with us. let me simply tai say that the people of alaska and the people of this great nation stand with the people of hawaii, and i offer my personal commitment to the people of hawaii, as the now senior-most senator representing the decades-old all
the russian point of view was that gorbachev also wanted to improve relations with china and japan. and with 100 inf missiles directed at him, how was he going to do that? it's really not in their interest to have 100 missiles out of europe. and it was really in their interest. now, we now have access, have for some years, records of the polit bureau discussions. and let me go back to a couple words about president reagan. before he first met gorbachev, he wrote out on a yellow pad several pages, without any prompting from anybody, what he wanted to achieve in geneva in his first meeting. this was handed literally to me as we are getting off the plane in geneva, saying this is what the president has on his mind. if he is wrong somewhere, we will have to straighten him out. actually, it was a very, very precise paper. and among other things, he pointed out that our biggest problems, one of these was a lack of trust. that he had to find a way to begin to create trust. we're not going to solve anything else. he also had it, if i don't achieve anything else, i must convince gorbachev t
. meanwhile japan, south korea and the united states recently activated their ballistic missile defense systems in response to north korea's ballistic missile launch, yet another reminder that the threat doesn't standstill. and in response to iran's development of nuclear weapons and longer-range ballistic missiles, nato has agreed to support the deployment of short- medium- and long-range ballistic missile defense systems to protect the lion's territory and thereby avoid potential uranium nuclear blackmail. the elements of defense are most appreciated especially by those threatened. we've proven it is possible to hit a bullet with a bullet. we've debunked the cold war argument that missile defenses contribute to a new arms race. since the united states withdrew from the a.b.m. treaty we reduced the number of deployed nuclear weapons from 6,000 under start to 1-rbgdz 700 under -- 1,700 under the moscow treaty to 1,550 under the new start treaty. we must continue to disabuse some of the notion that u.s. vulnerability to the russian and chinese nuclear arsenals is the source of stability
all japanese americans had been deemed to be an illegal alien when the u.s. declared war on japan. as a young military officer in 1945, daniel inouye led his unit in a successful attack against german fortifications in northern italy. the valor, courage, selflessness and determination that he displayed during the battle are the stuff of legend. and this would later earn him the congressional medal of honor. during this attack, he sustained serious permanent injuries that served as a constant reminder of his sacrifice for our country. senator inouye began his political career as a member of a wise territorial house of representatives -- as a member of hawaii's territorial house of representatives in 1954. almost immediately his colleagues tapped him as the majority leader of that body. his tremendous leadership ability was already apparent then. he then ascended to the territorial senate in 1958 and became hawaii's first u.s. congressman with the tkpwrafpbgt statehood in 19 -- granting of statehood in 1959. three years later he became a member of the u.s. senate elected a staggerin
a mentor with sort of a confucian touch because he had a japanese heritage and i had an interest in japan and he had a way of imparting judgments and wisdom which were in the eastern method, very subtle. he was not always that way, but he could be, and he was with me. i learned from him how this chamber works, how to get things done. i watched the way he did them. not with a heavy fist or sharp words, but with thoughtfulness, hard work, a commanding presence, that voice, that voice. and genuine relationships, including across the aisle. he believed in action, he believed in getting things done through hard work an through determination. and he had very much of an agenda. dan, of course, was one of our nation's ultimate war heroes, not only because of his service and sacrifice but also somebody who stood up for his country even when his country did not immediately stand up for him. dan's courage and iron will were evident as he fought on the battlefield taking bullet after bullet, yet continuing to get back up. a tough soldier. and he fought for the people of hawaii, every single day that
with the people's republic of china. japan and europe have already threatened to take russia to the w.t.o. over a number of unfunded trade restrictions, including on autos. the u.s. will need to be vigilant on this as well. the work that chairman baucus does and the house ways and means did and the administration has done and will continue to do gives us the opportunity to be more vij lantsdzst ant and more effective. our workers, farmers, ranchers, and producers should have confidence that if a trade deal is signed, it will actually be enforced. for companies in my state like procter & gamble or alcoa, who stand to export more goods to russia because of pntr, enforcement of the rules matters. whilwe can't ignore the russian government's consolatiogovernmef power. we should not turn our backs as russia continues breaking free from its totalitarian past. these are strong -- there are strong economic and democratic forces that are moving forward in russia. these forces for change must be supported and must be allowed to grow. we must not forget how russia -- how far russia has come or how far it
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)